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Having the right HVAC system is one of those investments that pays off in a big way. It may seem like an overwhelming decision, but with so many companies specializing and all offering different benefits to their customers it should be easy enough for you find what works best!

When shopping around don’t forget about Julian Heat & Air – we stand out from our competitors because not only do we provide comprehensive solutions (in inspection installation maintenance or repair), but also offer exceptional customer service too.” We specialize in everything HVAC in Heber Springs, AR

Tips to Extend the Life of Your HVAC System 

It is expensive to install an HVAC in Heber Springs, AR. A furnace, for example, would cost a hundred or sometimes a thousand dollars to have. An A/C or heat pump can also add up the installation costs. So, imagine how much you need to spend on a whole HVAC system. That would be a huge sum of money for sure. 

This is the reason people try everything they can to extend the life of their heating systems. Now how to make your heating system last for many more years? 

Check Your Condenser 

Many people would only direct their attention to their HVAC systems indoors. But remember that the HVAC units outside your home or commercial establishment deserve extra care since they are exposed to the elements. 

A condenser, in particular, can sustain potential damages because of severe weather conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to check it frequently to clear away any tree root bushes and other debris. 

Invest in a Smart Thermostat

Are you already tired of frequently waking up at night just to adjust your thermostat? If so, it is time to upgrade to something cutting-edge. 

When installed, you can set your thermostat by accessing an application on your tablet or smartphone. It is indeed convenient and suitable for those who have a hectic schedule. 

Inspect Your Home Insulation

Your HVAC is in good condition and properly maintained. But why is the temperature in your living space is below your expectations? 

The problem might lie around your home insulation. Perhaps, your attic is not adequately insulated. That’s why the air or heat in your space leaks. 

For your insulation needs, you should contact the right technician before having your HVAC in Heber Springs, AR checked and serviced. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance Now!

During preventive maintenance, the HVAC experts of your choice will not only clean but also tune up your entire system. 

At Julian Heat & Air, we usually start with a full inspection, taking your unit’s wires or connections into account. When there are debris and mold growth, they will also be removed, making your heater or A/C ready all year round. 

If you need a new system or your existing unit needs an immediate repair, our team is just a phone call away. So, what are you waiting for?

Do not hesitate to contact us at (501)-270-9369!

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