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Take the Guesswork Out of Your Home’s HVAC System

As a homeowner, you know how important it is to have a well-functioning HVAC system to heat your home during frigid winters and cool it in sweltering summers! Those frequent repairs and consistent indoor comfort issues may mean total system evaluation—these cases go further than minor repairs and often call for more than a free estimate!

A great HVAC system should run quietly, efficiently, never unexpectedly draining your bank account and never completely breaking down. These systems should be reliable, and provide a high level of comfort and ensure high-quality indoor air. This is especially true for those with respiratory illnesses like allergies or asthma.

Who Can Benefit from a Comprehensive Comfort Consultation?

  • If you’re experiencing incredibly high utility bills, uneven heating or cooling, high humidity, unpleasant odors, your units are over 10 years old, or your units are reaching their breaking point, it may feel overwhelming trying to identify the issue. If your technicians are having a hard time properly identifying the problem, you have the option for a comfort consult.
  • If you’re someone who values data, complete reports, and comprehensive evaluations, a comfort consultation is for you. It’s also the path if you’re tired of dealing with indoor air quality issues, heating and cooling problems, or if you just want to set your thermostat once a day and not worry about your bills skyrocketing again!

A comfort consult means our team of experienced HVAC technicians will run a series of tests using the latest in heating and cooling technology to identify the issue at hand. Whether you have leaks in your air envelope or an improperly sized system, these tests will allow you to make entirely informed decisions regarding your home’s indoor climate!


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Path A: Free Estimate for the Comfortable Client

Our team at Julian Heat & Air provides our customers with free estimates on any repairs, maintenance, or replacement services. This is for those who aren’t experiencing any serious comfort issues but would like their home’s systems evaluated.

With this path, we’ll give you an estimate informed by years of experience, extensive training and education in the industry. We make it a priority never to sell you anything you don’t need. We present you with the facts, make sure you’re fully educated, and help you make budget-friendly decisions that you feel are right for you and your family! You’ll never get a high-pressure sales pitch from our team.


Path B: Technology-Driven Comfort Consult

Take the guesswork out of your next heating and air conditioning project! Our team has cultivated a comfort consult using industry-leading, cutting-edge technology that evaluates your home’s HVAC systems.

Our team at Julian Heat & Air was built on a strong foundation, education, transparency & honesty, and a strong focus on technology. We use the following industry-leading tests during comfort consults. These tests ensure you’re entirely educated on your home’s HVAC performance and efficiency before you make any changes to your furnace, air conditioning, or ductwork.

  • Blower Door Testing
  • Zonal Air Pressure Testing
  • Thermal Image Inspection
  • Three Load Calculations
  • In-Person Consultation
  • Full Report

A comfort consult will identify the root causes behind any of your heating and air conditioning issues, such as uneven cooling between rooms, skyrocketing utility bills, frequent repairs, or complete mechanical breakdown. If any of these issues sound familiar to you, then a comfort consult is just the medicine the heating and cooling doctor ordered!


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Investing in a comprehensive comfort consult with our team of experts at Julian Heat & Air is the first step towards making a more informed and educated decision regarding your HVAC system. Whether that means you need a complete system replacement, or work improving the seal on your home’s air envelope, we’ve got all the tools you need to make your home more comfortable and more energy-efficient!

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