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The Art of Heating and Air

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It is recommended that you have your heating systems and air conditioners tuned up at least once a year. But if your HVAC unit runs all year round, it’s best to schedule routine maintenance with your trusted AR HVAC contractors twice a year.

While getting your HVAC system professionally tuned up isn’t mandatory, it is a great help in keeping your heating and cooling system in its best condition.

During the tune-up process, most technicians from reputable HVAC companies in Searcy, AR will perform tasks like checking for leaks in the lines, checking for issues in electrical parts, cleaning vital components, adjusting pressures, adjusting airflow, changing filters and lubricating moving parts.

All of those steps help keep your unit operating at peak performance, let you enjoy savings on energy bills, minimize the risk for repairs, and even help you keep your warranty.

When your IAQ in Searcy, AR is poor, you’ll notice a few things. You and other home occupants may experience health problems like frequent headaches and irritability, cough and sleep disturbances, and allergic reactions.

The things present in your home can also give you an idea about the quality of indoor air. Newly installed upholstery, flooring or carpet, fuel-burning appliances, personal care and cleaning products, tobacco products, pesticides are just among the things that contribute to poor IAQ. If you live in a polluted area, the outdoor air may get inside your residential property and pollute your indoor air.

Even your heat or A/C can contribute to poor IAQ. Your ductwork may be caked with dirt. Furnaces that haven’t been cleaned can also be a culprit. So it’s always best to keep your HVAC unit in its best condition.

To be sure, you call in IAQ specialists in Searcy, AR to assess your IAQ.

Trusted Heating and Air Conditioning Technicians in Searcy, AR and Surrounding Areas

Julian Heat & Air caresHVAC Services Searcy about your comfort and we want you to have nothing but the best when it comes to HVAC services. Our courteous heating and cooling technicians are licensed, certified, and constantly updating their knowledge through training so they can use the latest practices in the field. We also equip them with quality tools and equipment to complete each project properly and quickly.

Our technicians can handle all types of HVAC work; no job is too small or big. They can also work with heating and air conditioning systems of all makes and models in residential and commercial properties. So whatever HVAC model you have at home, you can count on our team comes the time the unit malfunctions or needs to be tuned up.

Learn more about what our techs offer below:

  • Air Conditioning
  • Furnace
  • Indoor Air Quality

Quality Air Conditioner Services

Julian Heat & Air is yourAir Conditioning Services Searcy local air conditioning company dedicated to helping customers get and keep an air conditioning system that they can depend on for comfort during the hottest days in Searcy, AR.

When your existing air conditioning system cannot keep your home or office comfortable anymore, we can help you find an air conditioner replacement that suits your requirements and budget. But we can also check whether the equipment can still be salvaged. With repair skills polished by years of experience, you can count on our team for accurate system diagnosis and reliable repair.

We can also handle air conditioning installation from scratch. We have an air conditioning maintenance service as well to keep your cooling unit running properly all year round.

Superior Furnace Services

Julian Heat & Air is yourHVAC Services Searcy, AR local HVAC company that’s here to ensure you have a heating system that can beat the cold brought about by harsh winter. Whether you need furnace repair, heating unit installation, or maintenance, you can count on our team of experienced and knowledgeable technicians.

Our company has been serving Arkansas since 1970. We have already service heating systems for countless homeowners and business owners, repair furnace issues, and install the right furnace. Many have trusted us – you can too! Promise our service will be worth your time, trust and money. 

Dependable Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

It isn’t enough for yourIndoor Air Quality Searcy Searcy home to be comfortable; it should be safe as well. So, ensure your IAQ is good enough for your family.

Allergens, pathogens, viruses and other air pollutants may have made their way into your property. Julian Heat & Air is here to help you keep them at bay, so you can breathe cleaner and fresher air. Our IAQ products are high-quality and built to last. Get one today at a reasonable price.

  • Indoor Air Quality

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Julian Heat & Air is among the most trusted heating and cooling contractors in Searcy, AR. Our team of technicians can handle any work with your HVAC system in Central Arkansas. Whether you need HVAC repair, new installation, or maintenance, we have you covered. Please feel free to navigate our website for more information about our popular services. Ready to take back control of your comfort? Talk to our professional team in Searcy, AR and get free estimates! Our sales guys won’t insist services that our customer do not need.

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