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Professional Furnace Installation in Searcy, AR

On the average, heating systems would usually last for about 15 to 20 years. However, furnaces also get rusty in performance over time. So, if your heater has served you for more than a decade and has been failing miserably in terms of heating performance and energy efficiency – then it’s time for an upgrade. 

At Julian Heat and Air, we believe in constant innovation. There are now smart heating systems today with advanced features and functionalities. With an old furnace, perhaps it’s time to invest in a more energy-efficient and high-performing heating system with furnace installation Searcy, AR.

Professional Furnace Installation in Searcy AR

When to Replace Your Furnace

Well-maintained furnaces can last up to 20 years. Now, most heaters don’t malfunction and stop working all of a sudden. You’ll only notice that a spike in your energy bills and increase in major repair costs as it ages. 

A lot of times, especially when the heater is relatively young, repairs are necessary to add years to its life. However, when furnaces have reached the end of its service life, replacing the unit may seem to be a better and more cost-effective option.  It’s more practical than keeping a furnace that could risk your family’s health and safety.

Here are some signs to help you determine whether you badly need a new furnace installed:

  • Spike in energy bills
  • High maintenance costs
  • Loud and strange noise
  • Reduced heating performance or capacity

Now, if you want to invest in a new furnace but not sure whether it’s the best route then our licensed and professional technicians can help you with expert recommendation. We know it’s not easy to let go of an old furnace, that’s why we will provide you will a detailed assessment and information you need for you to make a well-informed decision. 

Trained Experts for Furnace Installation

Anyone can conduct furnace installation but only trained experts can do it right. At Julian Heat and Air, we invest in the training of our HVAC technicians so we can provide our customers the best HVAC services. 

We want nothing less but top-notch for our customers. With furnace installation Searcy, AR done right, you get to maximize the efficiency of your equipment. 

There are multiple factors to look into when deciding on a new furnace type. Our trained technicians will lay out the options that fit you. We will visit your home to conduct a detailed inspection and analysis of your floor plan or area including existing ductwork to determine the best heating system that fits your home. 

You have to find a furnace that fits your space perfectly because if you choose something that’s too small or too big then that would cause problems in the future. So, the goal here is to make sure we find the best fit for you to ensure years of warm, highly efficient, and reliable heating system.

Is It Time to Invest in a New Furnace?

Are you ready to let go and invest in a new furnace for your home? Then let’s make it happen. At Julian Heat and Air, we empower our customers and provide them unmatched heating installation services to ensure a warm and inviting environment. 

We will provide a thorough assessment of the best furnace type that fits your home, comfort needs, and your space so you will get the best out of your investment. We also provide hassle-free same-day service.

For your furnace installation Searcy, AR needs, contact us today at 501-270-9369 for a free estimate and to get your new furnace installed in no time! 

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